What you and I signed up for.

The 1st post. Here’s the long story, short. 2012 was a weird year and I vowed to myself that it was time to make big changes – for the better. Moved across the country (San Francisco to South Carolina, to be exact) looking for second chances and an opportunity to do some serious soul-searching. So far, I’m certain 2013 is, and will remain, a life-altering year for me. I’ve learned an immense amount about myself and what this life is worth.

I’m not interested in becoming some self-taught life guru and pushing my experiences to the public, saying this is how you should live. Nor am I interested in becoming some serious blogger that overthinks my thoughts in fear of being criticized. A fair warning: I write in fragments, I’m a comma whore, and I love it. There’s a time and place for proofreading and I won’t be doing that here.

The purpose? I recently found this crazy desire to have a conversation with a stranger. Someone who doesn’t share past memories, someone who doesn’t ask how my day was today, but someone to share our thoughts for tomorrow.  I daydreamed about going to the coffee shop, finding a quiet little spot with my Carl Rogers book (my latest inspiration), to look up and just meet a stranger. I’m aware how that can sound creepy, but I find something so attractive to be able to talk to someone new that has no idea of who you are. And when I say talk, I mean deep conversations. With no pressure of trying to be someone you’re not, but to just share parts of someone you’re becoming.

Unfortunately, I haven’t brought reality to this daydream. Hopefully until then, the emptiness of this blog can be my stranger. Whether one person ends up reading this or no one at all – I’m happy to allow myself to bring my thoughts out from the safety of my own mind.


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