Live your philosophy.

If you ask me, it’s a bit near impossible to choose just one motto to live by. The one I related to for the longest was the straight up “Shit happens.” And for the most part, that remains true. Then I started to realize that I was just giving myself a simple explanation for the course of events in my life. But it’s not an explanation we need. We need structure. We need inspiration. Not too long ago, I sparked up a keen interest in Carl Rogers and his work. He’s one of our forefathers of the humanistic approach to psychology. One of his quotes really spoke to me and it has now become my inspired philosophy. I found this great sketch (not sure who the artist is, but credit definitely goes to them!) and quickly added Rogers’ words onto it. I’ve plastered it everywhere possible and make a daily conscious effort to live what I believe.


So instead of finding an explanation, let’s just search for a direction – and just live it.

What’s your philosophy?


2 thoughts on “Live your philosophy.

  1. I try to live a life where it would be impossible to sum up in one statement or quote. Otherwise, I don’t feel like it’s reaching its potential. However, the Carl Rogers quote you used is pretty fitting since it promotes constant development and progression instead of stagnancy. Also, nice theme on your blog. Esquire is my favorite and I used it on mine as well. Haha

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