Where do you draw the line?

Yes, times are shitty. I got that. Yes, it feels like everything is coming at you all at the same time. I got that. But at some point, this self pity has got to end. I’m so tired of listening to everything that’s going wrong. It’s called “going through a rough time”. So how about you go through it and deal with it instead of digging yourself deeper and deeper. I’ve tried really hard to shut my mouth and quiet my own struggles. So that you can feel like your problems are the world’s worst. So that you can keep thinking about yourself. But maybe that’s my mistake. Oh wait. But every other option would turn into my bad anyway. I know how this works. Your undying contradictions made whole with fallacies – a little circular reasoning? Or the slippery slope, possibly? Shit, maybe it’s both.

I’ve been silent.

Do you even see that? Do you even get what’s going on? How can every question you ask yourself go back to beginning with “why” and ending with “me”? Is it that bad? It’s not. And I know that answer because it’s never that bad. When all you’re doing is sitting there expecting for shit to turn around and feeling disappointed when your “rightful” expectations of everyone else is caught dead – something should click. No one’s to say that your expectations aren’t right. But what about you? Why is it, that you’re unable to ask yourself that one question? Life doesn’t owe you a goddamn thing. You do. So stop taking it so damn personally, stop blaming the world, and please – stop using me. I’ve drawn my line… when will you?


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