The city that really never sleeps (PT. I).

Oh my. It’s been a crazy few weeks and haven’t been able to keep this updated. My next few posts will mainly be focusing on restaurants, attractions, and things I did – just FYI. If you’re looking for suggestions in San Francisco and New York, the following may or may not help 🙂

For Spring Break, I flew back to SF for a few days and traveled to NY with a friend. SF was nice – good to see old friends and to just be in my city again. Went wild at Chug Pub (as I always do) and threw back many bombs. Some of my favorites? Silverback (Hypnotiq + 151 + Red Bull) and Flaming Dr. Pepper (amaretto + 151 + beer).

We rendezvoused for dinner at Southern Pacific Brewing the next night (nice IPA and great ambiance, but do yourself a favor and skip the mac and cheese).

Mission District, SF

Mission District, SF

I, of course, had to get my In-N-Out fix.

Animal style! With chiles added.

Animal style! With chiles added.

And feed my pho craving at PPQ. Meat on the side please!

Relaxed with a very necessary foot massage at Relax Feet, this time at the Taraval location. It’s some real deep tissue shit over here. Not for the frou frou type of clients though, so beware if you fit that description. You walk in the front door and see like 6 massage chairs in one room and that’s as much privacy as you’ll get. But $30 for an hour? Legit.

Had brunch at La Boulange (Noe Valley) and was sadly disappointed. This place is usually a favorite of mine, but this particular location was a let down. I guess I should’ve stuck with my regular black coffee and tomato/basil/goat cheese sandwich.

La Boulange de Noe.

La Boulange de Noe.

Hot Pot Garden – the place to go! About $25 for all you can eat. Tom Yum broth, nom nom nommmm.

Always a good time in SF. Join me next time for my recollection of day one in New York 🙂


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