Heart lessons.

We continuously find ourselves drawing up ideas of what we require in love. But in all honesty, what do we really know about ourselves?

We grow. We fall. We rise. We learn.

The only thing I know for sure is that I’m scared. Scared to completely fall. Scared to completely love. At the same time, I trust that to love is to be scared. To believe that the person we choose will protect what we build.

I want nothing like a perfect love. I’ve learned enough lessons to know that perfections don’t exist in that world. Nor should it.

I want to fight. I want you to yell at me when I make you mad.I want to cry when you make me sad and not have to explain myself to you. But I still want you to sit there next to me for as long as I need.
I want to disagree. And then agree to disagree over dinner.
I want to celebrate every blessing that comes our way. However small, however big.
I want you to never forget me as the person you fell in love with. No matter how many times I decide to change.
I want to cater to you – every dinner, every Superbowl, every… anything.
I want you to believe in me. Especially when I don’t.
I want to tell you to shut up when you’re being annoying. And then I want you to keep being annoying.
I want us to never stop laughing.
I want to talk about my feelings, while you try to understand. Even though you never will.
I want you to always feel lucky to have me. Even when I make you lose faith.
I want us to be happy. Whatever that may mean to each of us.
I want us to support each other. With no boundaries.
I want to compromise with you. Not for you.
I want to stay scared. To always remind me of what I have to lose.
I want you… someone who will never give up on me. And who will never stop fighting for us.