Calling South Carolina locals!

I’ve only been living here a little over 2 months now and word on the street is, I’ll be moving out of state once again in a few months. Le sigh -.- Anyway, I’d love to check out what this place has to offer before I leave. More specifically in the Greenville area (though that may filter places out by a lot…). I’m a sucker for legit coffee houses, hiking for amazing views, cultured neighborhoods I can get lost in (in a good way, you know… not literally lost), and authentic food – restaurants I can’t find anywhere else. Any suggestions?


Live your philosophy.

If you ask me, it’s a bit near impossible to choose just one motto to live by. The one I related to for the longest was the straight up “Shit happens.” And for the most part, that remains true. Then I started to realize that I was just giving myself a simple explanation for the course of events in my life. But it’s not an explanation we need. We need structure. We need inspiration. Not too long ago, I sparked up a keen interest in Carl Rogers and his work. He’s one of our forefathers of the humanistic approach to psychology. One of his quotes really spoke to me and it has now become my inspired philosophy. I found this great sketch (not sure who the artist is, but credit definitely goes to them!) and quickly added Rogers’ words onto it. I’ve plastered it everywhere possible and make a daily conscious effort to live what I believe.


So instead of finding an explanation, let’s just search for a direction – and just live it.

What’s your philosophy?

Revisit what you learn.

I’m fortunate enough to have learned many lessons last year. One of the biggest things I learned stems from the ever-enveloping obstacle of a broken heart. Womp womp. So in an effort to never forget, I’d like to revisit what I said to myself a couple months back.

Heartbreak is one of those things that’ll always be there. It never gets easier, but if you let it, a broken heart can refresh a broken mind. Obviously, life comes with no guarantees. So let’s stop acting like it does. When that “forever” disappears, don’t expect life to feel sorry for you. ‘Cause let’s be real – it won’t. It’s a lie when you decide not to care. It’s a lie when you decide to stop giving chances. It’s a lie when you decide to shut yourself off. Take heartbreak for what it is and stop blaming it on how you love. Stop being bitter, keep loving the way you do, and stop searching for what you think that heartbreak owes you. Defend love, even when it doesn’t defend you.

If you’re like me and the casual “time heals all” doesn’t excite you, just listen to yourself. Really listen. Admit to yourself the things you already know deep down, but never have the courage to hear because your self-pity is winning. It’s not the end of the world. Just the end of one you don’t belong in.


On an easier note, I took a drive up to Mt. Pisgah in NC today. Freezing cold (thanks “spring”), but beautiful nonetheless. Never take for granted the beauty we’re surrounded with! If it’s love you’re missing, go find nature. It’ll be the most rewarding relationship of your life 🙂

Looking Glass Falls - Brevard, North Carolina

Looking Glass Falls – Brevard, North Carolina

What you and I signed up for.

The 1st post. Here’s the long story, short. 2012 was a weird year and I vowed to myself that it was time to make big changes – for the better. Moved across the country (San Francisco to South Carolina, to be exact) looking for second chances and an opportunity to do some serious soul-searching. So far, I’m certain 2013 is, and will remain, a life-altering year for me. I’ve learned an immense amount about myself and what this life is worth.

I’m not interested in becoming some self-taught life guru and pushing my experiences to the public, saying this is how you should live. Nor am I interested in becoming some serious blogger that overthinks my thoughts in fear of being criticized. A fair warning: I write in fragments, I’m a comma whore, and I love it. There’s a time and place for proofreading and I won’t be doing that here.

The purpose? I recently found this crazy desire to have a conversation with a stranger. Someone who doesn’t share past memories, someone who doesn’t ask how my day was today, but someone to share our thoughts for tomorrow.  I daydreamed about going to the coffee shop, finding a quiet little spot with my Carl Rogers book (my latest inspiration), to look up and just meet a stranger. I’m aware how that can sound creepy, but I find something so attractive to be able to talk to someone new that has no idea of who you are. And when I say talk, I mean deep conversations. With no pressure of trying to be someone you’re not, but to just share parts of someone you’re becoming.

Unfortunately, I haven’t brought reality to this daydream. Hopefully until then, the emptiness of this blog can be my stranger. Whether one person ends up reading this or no one at all – I’m happy to allow myself to bring my thoughts out from the safety of my own mind.