Too much.

My appreciation for the mind has grown significantly these past few months. I honestly believe it’s something we all take for granted, a little too much. To us, it’s just a necessity. It’s so automatic that we rarely realize the never-ending abilities of the brain. That being said, there’s also the other side to it that destroy some people.

Those people that get lost in their thoughts, but go way too deep.

Those people that can’t separate what matters and what doesn’t.

Those people that are so desperate to understand.

Those people that give away their self control.

Those people that just can’t help it.

Those people that just think too much.

Today, I started thinking too much. When we do that to ourselves, we just become filled with our own fears. Asking ourselves questions that shouldn’t be asked. Visualizing the wrong direction. Setting ourselves up to fail before we even try. It takes a lifetime to truly recognize the difference between thinking things through and scaring ourselves. We all do it. But we also have the ability to stop. To shut it off. It’s a damn blessing to have our thoughts. Once in awhile, though, we need to keep it quiet and preserve our possibilities.

Don’t let your trepidations block out what you know you can achieve. Like we always say – “Put your mind to it.” But only when it’s ready.


2 thoughts on “Too much.

    • I completely agree! I feel like too many of us are obsessed with trying to make every single second of our lives productive. Whatever happened to the little things…

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